Ontario Family Mediation
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PictureA family mediator is someone who meets with you and the other parent. The mediator helps you both try to agree on a parenting plan for your children, Financial Support issues and Property Division. The family mediator will not take sides or make decisions for you.

An experienced and well trained Family mediator should have formal training about divorce, children and property. It is important for you to ask questions and see the mediator’s resume to find if the mediator has broad enough training and experience to resolve your issues.

For Example, Kam Lovel is an accredited Family Mediator and a qualified Arbitrator. He provides comprehensive Family mediation / arbitration and parenting coordination services. He has received over 600 hours of intensive mediation training, including focused training on Family Mediation, Arbitration, Collaborative Law and Parenting Coordination. This combined with practical mediation experience and his expert knowledge of financial issues allows him to help families find mutually agreeable solutions, to the most complex family and financial issues.

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Kam Lovel

Kam Lovel